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Kinetic Awareness Intensive, July 23-27, 2012 (Monday - Friday)

Times: 1 to 6 pm
Location: Movement Research at Eden's Expressway at 537 Broadway, 4th floor. New York, NY.
Prices: $600 for all five days
To register: email elainesummersdance@gmail.com or call 212-925-0142

Paypal or send us a check to Elaine Summers, 2nd Floor, 537 Broadway, NY NY 10012

KA Summer Workshop 2012

Come study with Kinetic Awareness originator and one of the original members of Judson Dance Theater Elaine Summers, with her co-teachers Ann Law, Nina D'Abbracci, and Thomas Körtvélyessy. The classes include experiential anatomy, the ball work, listening to the language of the body, injury prevention, centering and balancing, keeping your body healthy through understanding the natural movement of all our systems.
Please contact us if you have any question about Kinetic Awareness or this workshop. You can write to us at elainesummersdance@gmail.com.


Day 1. Monday, July 23, 1-6pm

Introduction; exploratory session

Your fabulous head & neck
Experience your magnificent skull and its relation to your spinal fluid and spinal cord and peripheral nervous system and amazing brain.

Your great shoulders, arms and hands
Experience the ways that movement can release frozen tension in the shoulders and arms. Feel how your arms love to stretch and float and sense the complex articulation of your hands. Explore all the ways to avoid and heal repetitive movement injuries to recognize and release stress.

Day 2. Tuesday, July 24, 1-6pm

Understanding your incredible spine
Come and experience your responsive spine: the movement and dance of your CERVICAL, THORACIC, LUMBAR, SACRUM, VERTEBRAE AND THEIR INTERACTION WITH YOUR PERIPHERAL NERVOUS SYSTEM. Learn ways to use your vertebrae wisely to prevent sciatic problems and to lift safely.

Inside your head
Know your eyes, nose, jaw, tongue, sinuses, skull and brain kinetically. The Sacral Crainal connections of your Multi Mind & Multi Intelligences.

Day 3. Wednesday, July 25, 1-6pm

Your amazing pelvis and legs
Explore the wonders of alignment and the powerful movement structure of your pelvic crests and their relation to your balance: Your floating, flying leaps, and use of extension tension.

Your elastic knees and feet that give you power to use gravity and levity
Encourage your leg alignment and skeletal structure to reveal and develop the spring and protectiveness of your synovial capsules, tendons & ligaments in all your joints your flexible feet and your articulate toes.

Day 4. Thursday, July 26, 1-6pm

The breath of your life: the respiration system
Find your breath that reaches and nourishes every cell in your entire body. Coordinate the wondrous gifts of your autonomous central nervous system with your ability to consciously control your peripheral nervous system.

Your expressive sound
Your voice, the sound of your every molecule, the full scale of breath and tension that expresses your feelings or plays with all the possibilities of enjoying your many sounds.

Day 5. Friday, July 27, 1-6pm

Your viscerae: what are they doing? how do they work?
Discover the complex, many faceted relationships between your diaphragm, lungs, stomach, intestines, kidneys and immune system. Consider your nutritional, chemical self.

Your total body system - how do they talk to each other
Understanding the way your body talks to you: your proprioceptive system. You can enhance the ability of your body to develop your responses, your reflexes and recognize your inner kinetic being.

Who Benefits from Kinetic Awareness?:

· Dancers, actors musicians and artists who wish to increase their technical and expressive range.
· Educators, psychotherapists and health professionals who are integrating the kinetic language of the body with the language of the emotions.
· Kinetic techniques of developing a feeling of well-being through understanding how to regain energy, lesson and eliminate chronic pain.
· People who want to heal existing injuries and avoid future ones.

Quotes about Kinetic Awareness

"Trisha Brown believes all dancers should study with Summers because of the sensitivity to the body Summers' training imparts and Summers' ability to analyze error in dance movement."

Ann-Sargent Wooster, "Moving to Dance" The Drama Review, Vol.24 p.66

"I learned a lot from Elaine Summers."

Marianne Goldberg, "Trisha Brown: All of the Person's Person Arriving" The Drama Review, Spring 1986. p.162

"tai chi and the healing teaching of Elaine Summers after an injury taught her to dance within herself rather than imposing line, shape and image. That led to the development of a kind of alertness that makes her work and allows her to focus and refocus rapidly, listening and watching, as she lets her dancing ravel into an actual piece in a specific environment."

Dana Reitz, The New York Times

"Summers uses anatomy and kinesiology to help students connect their subjective experiences with objective understanding of physical structure and function."
"Kinetic Awareness should find a place in every body therapist's library and in the classrooms of movement educators."

Martha Myers, Kinesiology and Medicine for Dance, Spring-Fall, 1991, pp. 37-40

Teachers Bios

Elaine Summers, MA, Fulbright Fellow, Society for Dance History Scholar, MIT fellow (Center for Advanced Visual Studies) received her BA in Visual Arts in Boston, MA, and came to New York City in 1952 to study dance at Julliard. She has worked and lived here ever since and became one of the founders of the by now legendary workshop that would form the Judson Dance Theatre. After her groundbreaking first large-scale Intermedia concert “Fantastic Gardens” (1964) she founded the Experimental Intermedia Foundation and continued to produce work both nationally and internationally with her Elaine Summers Dance & Film Co. She has received numerous awards and residencies, among others at the University of Iowa. Her work is being studied worldwide and is currently being archived at the Jerome Robbins Dance Collection of Lincoln Center Public Library.

Summers originated the movement approach Kinetic Awareness® and has continuously explored and pioneered ways of moving with a healthy body. In 1987 she founded the Kinetic Awareness® Center to continue the development and research of the Kinetic Arts & Sciences, as well as train new generations of teachers.  

She has worked with people as diverse as Trisha Brown, Davidson Gigliotti, Nam June Paik, James Byrne, the Wooster Group, Meredith Monk, Merian Soto, Amy Greenfield, Pauline Oliveros, and many, many others.

Her work has been shown at the Museum of Modern Art, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, in Sanarcangelo / Italy, Australia, the UK, and Vienna. Her latest project, Skytime™, is a web-based invitation to all the world to celebrate the sky together in any relatable medium. Its first beginnings can be seen at www.skytime.org.

Nina D’Abbracci is a dancer, actor and certified teacher of both The Alexander Technique and Kinetic Awareness.  She has taught at N.Y.U., The Linklater Center for Voice and Language, The New Actors Workshop, the Ensemble Studio Theater, Michael Howard, and Columbia University.  She maintains a private practice and is also a teaching member of Alexander Technique International.

Thomas Körtvélyessy is an inter-cultural choreographer, dancer, teacher, intermedia-artist, thinker, and blogger, who lives and works in his home-base of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. He is a Certified Teacher of Kinetic Awareness® since 2007 and has taught at ArtEZ Dansacademie, Arnhem (NL), Fontys Dansacademie, Tilburg (NL) the Korean National University of Arts (Seoul), Yuzhny Art Academy (Ukraine) and Mekan Studio, Istanbul (TUR). He has studied and written extensively about the work of Elaine Summers and Kinetic Awareness® and dance-notation systems.
www.realdancecompany.org (choreography), www.kineticawareness.nl (Dutch), www.delfshavendans.nl

Ann Law is a Certified Kinetic Awareness® teacher with over twenty years of working with Elaine Summers. She is also a dance improvisor, choreographer, educator, and arts activist in her community of Chattanooga, Tennessee. She is the founder and artistic director of CoPAC (Contemporary Performing Arts of Chattanooga) at Barking Legs Theater (www.barkinglegs.org) incorporated in 1993. She teaches at Pilates in Motion and also directs the dance program at Chattanooga State Community College, where she continues her commitment to somatic dance education.

For more information about Kinetic Awarenss, check the KA website.
About Elaine's dance work, please check out elainesummersdance.com or her youtube page.
Work scholarship is available to certification candidates

The Kinetic Awareness® Center is a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to research, education, and development in the kinetic arts and sciences.

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